Unlimited Freedom Coaching Retainer

The Freedom To Have Coaching When Your Life Could Us It!

Live Your Life And Have a Coach Available
Live  Your Life But Have The Continuity And Access To A Coach


Would you like to have a coach on retainer so you can talk to one when you need insight?  Retainers make it easy for you to have access to my expertise and services while giving you the freedom to live your life.  Being on a retainer, you have ready access to my coaching services as the need arises without having to wait for your regular scheduled coaching call.

This model of coaching switches away from pre-scheduled coaching calls and allows the client more flexibility to call on an as-needed basis.  This permits you to live your life, but have the support and flexibility you desire.


Want Coaching But Want Flexibility Also?

The Unlimited Freedom Coaching Retainer is for individuals who want the flexibility of having a coach when significant choices arise.  It’s also for people who need occasional accountability and support when it is needed.

This service works best for clients who have had coaching in the past or for busy people who want to schedule a call when they need it most.

Your coaching call is usually scheduled within 48 hours of your request, usually much sooner.

The cost for this Freedom Retainer is USD $6,000


The Power of Giving


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